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December 14, 2021
Tobias A Newborn Vampire
December 26, 2021

“The Proposition: Purpose” by Ramin Hoodeh

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“How do you find a needle in a haystack? Burn the haystack and find the needle easily.”

Through the story of Ali, this modern, interactive book composes a journey of self-discovery.
He’s a renowned poet, and a political prisoner of war – incarcerated and kept alive to translate mysterious esoteric texts. When proposed freedom, he chooses to stay in a cold prison cell… writing about the wonders of life and contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

Over the course of three days, Ali’s true purpose is revealed… and through a step-by-step guide, yours will be too…

“…Knowledge of the extraordinary fire is the eternal conquest of man, who destroys and conquers wherever he may go.

And what of the fire within himself?

Faith befriends the man who seeks endlessly, forever inwards may he steer. May he find the source of his flame, a solitary kingdom, through silence he may hear.” – Ali

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