The Light In The Dark
February 7, 2022
Life in a nutshell
February 13, 2022

“THEM: Beyond UFOs and Alien Abductions” by Neil A. Laer

The Earthly statement, “we are not alone,” places Earthly humans as a species at the center of whether other intelligent life exists. Earthly humans should state, “we are blind,” “we are asleep,” or “we are unconscious.” Superior intelligent life exists all around them, beneath them, above them, within them, after them, and before them. Earthly human “intelligence” cannot even comprehend the presence of omnipotent apex beings interacting with them from every boundless angle of time, space, matter, and energy. Until Earthly humans master the code of their existence, they will continue to be primitive bacteria, less than prokaryote organisms on the spectrum of intelligent life within the universe.

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