Things I Wanted To Say To A Sociopathic YouTube Bully

Centurion Justice II
November 22, 2019
Chakra Healing
November 24, 2019

“Things I Wanted To Say To A Sociopathic YouTube Bully: A Manifesto of Healing” by R.A. Walker

I am being cyberbullied on the YouTube Platform. This has been happening for two years. To this day, that person will still try to subliminally get her message out to all those who will believe her lies about me to sabotage my channel and my name further. This sociopathic narcissistic covert bully shows no mercy to my name. She did damaging things to my YouTube Channel behind the scenes. Although other people may not, I see straight through her obvious mental deficiency and know without a doubt that she is evil personified.

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