It Takes Guts to Leave the Ruts
January 8, 2020
When Help Heals
January 12, 2020

“Total Calamity Robot Book 1.1- CALAMITY” by Lucny Dauphin

At present, the Earth is divided into three great, powerful lands: Atlas, Galaxus, and Cosmos. The three nations are united as truly one, and they have had their ups and downs, but in the end, the people of Earth have remained peaceful. It was only in the year 2989, in January, when all of that changed for the worse.

From above, they witnessed mysterious beings with a single large, bright red eye falling from the sky. As they crash-landed, we saw that they looked like red and blue ninja-like robots. We began to think aliens had finally arrived on Earth, but the ultimate question was, were they friend or foe?

The aliens answered the question by slaughtering thousands of us as soon as they arrived on Earth. It was evident that we were under attack from extraterrestrial beings. The Governments of Atlas, Cosmos, and Galaxus came together to stop this rapidly growing threat. They created a global military organization named the Dynasty of Spheres. The Dynasty of Spheres were armed with a device called the Calamity Morpher, which would help would help them transform into powerful, battle-armor-clad warriors who could withstand the robot aliens. For many years, men and women from all three nations joined the Dynasty of Spheres and fell in battle, as the numbers of the enemy continued to grow. But we, the courageous people of Earth, did not give up.

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