Unlocking Magic

The Sentry
August 24, 2019
Kazi Boku
September 2, 2019

“Unlocking Magic: How to hack into the mind of a player while avoiding heartbreak” by Joshua Griggs

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Let me start off by apologizing to any woman I may have hurt in the past.

I am not perfect. I strive day by day to become a better man than I was the day before. So for that the least I can do is let women in on a big key secret that will help them take control when it comes to a man and most importantly themselves. I’m talking secrets that have been passed down from generations known as the elite smooth talkers. This book is also wisdom I will give my daughter so she will be a step ahead of any guy who tries to run game on her.

As we get deeper and deeper inside of my mind, I will reveal the questions that should be asked to catch men in lies. Consider this a self-help book. Imagine a guy that cares when no one else does. The big brother you always wanted or may have needed. Or maybe just that little voice in your head that has been telling you something is not right all along.

I feel that once women realize they have control and actually utilize that power to make men respect themselves and women. The world will be a better place. Think about it.

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