Venturing Into the Darkness

The God Particle
April 13, 2022
May 20, 2022

“Venturing Into the Darkness” by Erna J. Weissman

Venturing into the Darkness was the first book to be self-published by the author, Erna J. Weissman. The plot was inspired by a collection of songs by a Swiss composer named Adrian von Ziegler. The story is about a young albino man named Jonathan. Jonathan grew up a miserable and abused orphan. For years, he was dark and angry at the world. But one visit to long-forgotten catacombs outside the town he lived in changed Jonathan’s life. After accidentally opening a portal, Jonathan finds himself in the Underworld. To get back to Earth, he must journey through the Underworld and undergo a series of trials. These trials would test Jonathan in multiple ways. How will Jonathan survive the horrors of the Underworld? What will he face when going through these trials? And what secrets will he uncover along the way?

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