Waste Not, Borrow Not

Jinglebell Jane
December 13, 2019
The Disciples of Ubiaxus
December 16, 2019

“Waste Not, Borrow Not: An Easy Guide to Finding Money You Didn’t Know You Had” by Takako Daniel

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Are you worried about your debt? Do you need more money to pay your bills without spending more hours at work?

What if I told you that you probably already have the money? I’m not talking about people wasting $5 on a cup of coffee every day, although you shouldn’t do that. It’s the money you’re unknowingly wasting.

I’m going to help you find the money that you’re wasting so that you can use it to start paying off your debt, eventually eliminating it, and start to build up your savings.

By reading this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to make your own budget
  • How to save money on utilities, food, transportation, healthcare, clothing, etc.
  • How to eliminate your debt
  • How to build your credit
  • The importance of giving
  • How to create savings, increase your savings, and start investing

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