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April 21, 2020
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April 24, 2020

When She Lies YA Thriller: A Dark Psychological Thriller and Serial Killer Stalker Suspense Novel” by Asher Blaise

It was a celebration of friendship and anticipation at the high school graduation party in the Maine forest, until the unthinkable happened.  Now, the masked serial killer is still on the loose and looking to finish what he started…

Survivor. That’s what everyone calls Mackenzie when she is one of two people that escapes what became known as the Angel Massacre. But Mackenzie doesn’t feel like a survivor. The mass murderer has stolen everything from her:  Her friends, her sanity… even her name. Even worse, after ripping her life to shreds, the killer vanished into the night like a ghost, never to be caught.

Rechristened as Riley, she’s struggling through therapy, her parents’ growing worry, and endless doses of medication to try and find some semblance of normalcy. When the only other “survivor” of that terrifying night finds herself unable to cope, Riley knows that the only way to move forward with her future is to confront her past, and that means going back to where it all started.

When She Lies is a taut psychological thriller and chilling crime drama that takes readers deep into the psyche of a 19-year-old young girl, emotionally and psychologically scarred from past trauma.  Can she overcome both her own inner demons and the real demon, who knows that she is back, exploring in the Maine woods again…?

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