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February 21, 2022
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March 1, 2022

“Worldwalker” by Jamie Dalton

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The dead start talking when Adalyn’s magic awakens.

Adalyn’s life as a cook in the king’s kitchen, will soon end, when the spirits of the past reach out to her, warning that things are not all as they seem, in the Kingdom of Peiruin.

Having long since rid itself of magic, the world has not seen a human with magical power, in five hundred years. Overwhelmed that her life may be forfeit, if her newfound abilities are discovered, Adalyn must find the strength to rise to the challenge of being the only worldwalker.

On her quest to hone her magic, Adalyn enlists the help of the secret race of dwarves and elves and discovers she may be the key to saving them all — or bringing the kingdom a war that’s long overdue.

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