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March 16, 2021
March 30, 2021

“A World Yesterday: The Life of a Jamaican Country Girl” by  Terion Griffiths

Sometimes I feel like my childhood memories are slowly drifting away, and with miles and years separating my existence, I struggle to hold on. Gone are the days when children played outside, the community raised the children, and simplicity was the order of the day. As my two daughters grow, it becomes even more important for me to ensure they have a piece of my home. With colorful memories, they will be able to share in my past and understand my hope. They will be able to travel with me back in time and revisit a time when precious memories were made. I want my story to be told from generation to generation, to tattoo a smile like mine on every child’s face. Hence, I write this memoir entitled A World Yesterday: The Life of a Jamaican Country Girl to bring light and embodiment to my childhood filled with marvelous experiences. With this book, I will keep my memories alive and stay connected to the Jamaican culture.

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