Blaphaus Maximus And The New Galaxy Day

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August 7, 2020
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August 18, 2020

Blaphaus Maximus And The New Galaxy Day” by Jason Peverett

The galaxy Blaphaus Maximus lived in had 23 planets, but only 16 of them were part of the Cabinet, overseen by the planet’s Governors. Blaphaus was a grumpy Tooberosum who thought driving a vehicle for Ultra would be something to do, to make a little dosh. Little did he know that one of his passengers would change his life forever, putting him into the spotlight he didn’t want to be in. Being a Tooberosum, a rare species in the galaxy of 23 planets, he would become the talk of everyone he meets, from two little children to the Governor of the planet he lived on, to a species that wants him dead… He soon finds out that there’s not too many beings he could trust, and he is just a political pawn to bring the remaining planets to be part of the Cabinet. Before Blap knew it, he was the most sought after being in the galaxy, leading up to the greatest day in the galaxy… New Galaxy Day! The galaxy is happy… but at what expense and is Blaphaus happy?

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