Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

September 10, 2020


“Indebted: An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance” by J.L. Beck, C. Hallman It was a debt to be settled, a price to be repaid. Sold. My […]
September 2, 2020

Black Hole Town

“Black Hole Town” by Henry Hinder “It is tempting.” “Aye,” Fortz replies. “And when has temptation ever been a bad thing?” Two wild Scots. Drugs. Drink. […]
August 18, 2020

Deadly Flip

Mystery.Winner of a 2019 Readers’ Favorite FIVE STAR award! “Deadly Flip: A Home Renovator’s Mystery” by M. E. Bakos | Website | Facebook | Flipping houses […]
July 11, 2020

Final Diagnosis

“Final Diagnosis—No Second Chances” by J. T. Madicus | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | In a publishing first, American producer, entrepreneur and activist J. T. […]
June 5, 2020

Finders Keepers

“Finders Keepers (The Jane Barnaby Adventures Book 1)” by J.J. DiBenedetto It should have been a simple job. All archaeology student Jane Barnaby had to do […]
April 24, 2020

Clever Way Out

“Clever Way Out” by Raqeeb Stubbs A street thriller of education, kidnapping, murder, trickery, and love that will have you at the edge of your seat.Clever […]
April 22, 2020

When She Lies

“When She Lies YA Thriller: A Dark Psychological Thriller and Serial Killer Stalker Suspense Novel” by Asher Blaise It was a celebration of friendship and anticipation […]
April 3, 2020

Mantis Intrigue

“Mantis Intrigue: Mantis Saga – Book 5” by Jim Henderson  | Website | Facebook | Series | YouTube | Ximon and the unique crew of the […]
March 24, 2020

The King’s Tribe

“The King’s Tribe” by Kai Widdeson “Perhaps… everyone knew you didn’t go too far into the forest, people went in and never came out, and of […]