August 27, 2021
Bee Stings
September 15, 2021

“Crossed” by Della Roe

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After getting fired from my crappy job, I headed to my favorite donut shop to fill my grumbling stomach. All I expected was a few extra pounds, not a damn demon. To make matters worse, I was forced into a cult, tattooed against my will, and made to live in a convent with real life nuns and no sex. Cults are supposed to at least have sex. How do they get members to join without sex? What a lame cult! Now, Lucifer shows up, demanding that the soul sealed inside me is released, or face the consequences. Now I have to figure out if staying in the convent, with promises of free food, but no fun, is worth it. Or do I do what they want and release this soul back to the demons and return to my pathetic life. Choices aren’t great when the options screw you no matter what.

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