April 2, 2019
The Legendary Tauran’creima
April 7, 2019

“Crown of Ice” by Michelle Areaux

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Just outside of the big city limits of Lexington, Kentucky, the small and mysterious town of Shady Oaks exists. With a eerily welcoming presence, it offers its residents charm, beauty, and secrets. Surrounded by a large forest and rivers, this secluded town provides the perfect scene for supernatural and paranormal events to occur. Only, the humans haven’t learned of the secrets their alluring town holds. Or have they?

Get ready, the battle for the crown has just begun.

Sophie had been under the spotlight since her birth. As the chosen one in her coven, she was the first female witch born in centuries in the Ice Coven patriarchy. Only, the last thing Sophie ever wanted was the power behind the crown that would soon enough be hers.

Pierce has been watching Sophie since the day she was born. As a vampire, he roamed the town of Shady Oaks, believing his only purpose was to watch a girl he loved, but didn’t know. Captivated by the beauty and mystery plaguing the beautiful Sophie, he spent his days protecting her. Only, Sophie didn’t even know he existed.

When Pierce finally introduces himself to Sophie at her Claiming Ceremony, Sophie learns about the dangers lurking all around her. Fearing for her own life, Sophie learns a family member wants her dead, and to steal the crown and power that Sophie is promised. As she begins to trust Pierce, their relationship blooms into one more serious and sinister than they ever could have imagined. With the help of her seven brothers and cousins and friends from Shady Oaks, this pair must stop at nothing to save Sophie’s life, before someone else ends it altogether. In this young adult fantasy novel, Sophie quickly learns that the truly wicked are those closest to us.

This is a Young Adult paranormal twist on classic fairy tale story in the Shady Oaks series.

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