Love: A Supernatural Journal of Twin Flames
February 21, 2020
A Question of Faith
February 26, 2020

Erased” by Margaret Chatwin

There’s that moment – you know the moment – when you emerge from sub-consciousness and enter full awareness.

Now imagine reaching that moment with a pounding head, throbbing body, hospital ID band around your wrist, and no memory. No idea why you hurt the way you do, or how you got where you are. No clue what your own name is, or who the people next to you are.

I’m seventeen-year-old Ryan Farnsworth, and that’s what happened to me. Now I have to walk a mile in my own, unfamiliar shoes; view myself through the eyes of a perfect stranger; live the life a former me chose. I also need to figure out why that former me tried to kill me.

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