Fireheart (Blood of the Warrior Book 1)

April 30, 2019
Satan’s Grace The Greatest Deception of All
May 6, 2019

“Fireheart (Blood of the Warrior Book 1)” by Eliza Lynch

In a world where humanity battles to survive the constant attacks of the blood drinking Hova, the warrior tribe of women called the Karainas fight back. With their fire magic, they have defended their lands for centuries. Scarlett is the first person to become a Karaina without having any magic, and she has the strength, skills and speed to prove her worth.

But when the Karainas aren’t enough to stop an impending war with the Hova, she must find other ways to survive in this world of magic, masterful politicians, love, and betrayal. With the aid of a rogue Hovan prince who wants to atone for the mistakes of his race, she learns that the secrets of the past aren’t what she’s always been taught, and that in order to fight for the future, or any future at all, she will have to fight her way with everything she has.

This novella is part 1 of a 3part series.

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