Her Shattered Heart

March 30, 2021
The Adventures of Captain Blackjack
April 9, 2021

“Her Shattered Heart” by Mary DeWeber

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On the surface, Cassie Hanson seemed to have it all, beauty, intelligence, and a dream job as a Personal Assistant to Logan Blake. Only her closest friends and family knew of the secret that she carefully kept hidden from the eyes of the public. Not all damage can be seen on the surface. Cassie had no idea how her emotional scars kept her from becoming the woman that God wanted her to be. Logan, on the other hand, was not concerned with the imperfections that he had glimpsed. He was having a hard time keeping his growing attraction for Miss. Hanson in check. There had to be a way to get past her professional façade and get to know the woman outside the office. He’d prayed for something drastic to happen, but was he prepared for the drastic measure God had hidden up his sleeve?

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