How to Learn American Sign Language

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April 19, 2019
April 30, 2019

How to Learn American Sign Language 1:: The Basics” by Lord Bearathan Carmack

Those of you who want to learn American Sign Language (“ASL”), then get the ebook, “How to Learn American Sign Language”. With this ebook series, you’ll discover:

— How to be polite around deaf people

— How to get deaf people’s attention properly (there’s a right way and wrong way!)

— What to do if an interpreter for the deaf is present

— How to help the deaf and hard of hearing to read your lips

— How to talk to deaf and hard of hearing people in a quiet room verses in a crowded room

— Using a tele-typewriter (TTY) or telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) [same thing, different name] as the equivalent of a voice phone.

— How to learn ASL quickly (via correct socializing)

— Be able to contact organizations for the deaf

— How to use eye contact, facial expressions, body language, mouth movements, hand movements and natural gestures appropriately.

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