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April 25, 2019
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“INTERMITTENT FASTING: The Healthy Guide to Lose Weight, Live Longer, and Increase Energy While Eating the Foods you Love” by Ian Rhinehart

Use These Powerful Strategies to Build the Body of Your Dreams, Get the Energy you Crave, and Turn Back the Aging Hands of Time!

Fasting is undeniably a craze right now. There are articles about it all over the internet and everyone seems to have an opinion. But if you don’t really understand fasting, this deluge of information can be more overwhelming than helpful. Intermittent fasting isn’t as complicated or scary as it might seem. It’s actually a very simple lifestyle plan with lots of inherent benefits.

If you aren’t familiar with intermittent fasting, it is a term that refers to regulating your diet with periods where you don’t eat, followed by periods where you do eat. Fasting works because when you stop eating for a time, your body goes into a process called ketosis that has great effects on your body and mind.

Though fasting can get more complicated as you hone in on the perfect type of fasting for your body, at its base, fasting works off of a really simple idea. When you don’t eat—you lose weight do to how our bodies evolved. Fasting, broken down, is just a meal timing plan. You simply schedule times where you abstain from food. That’s it. Fasting is a period of eating interspersed with periods of not consuming calories.

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