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July 28, 2022
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“Mrs. May Is Well and Truly Dead” by Sandy C. McKee

“Dead body. Shot. Road west of the lake.”

Niralya May, a wealthy socialite who never strayed from her rigid calendar, was scheduled to be on the east side of the lake collecting rent from her cottage tenants. Instead, she was found face down in a ditch—on the opposite side of the lake—murdered. According to her handsome trophy husband, Mrs. May wouldn’t be caught dead on the west side of the lake on a Tuesday! Yet she was, and it’s no mistake that she is well and truly dead.

The residents of peaceful Hutton Village, an idyllic spot nestled in the rural foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, are shaken to the core as news of the murder spreads. Preparations for the upcoming Winter Festival are thrown into chaos as Police Chief Arlen Well and Sergeant Cashel Truly wrap their heads around the investigation.

In a community where everyone knows everyone, Arlen and his team quickly discover big secrets hidden among the villagers. The list of suspects grows to include neighbors they’ve known—or thought they knew—all their lives. Finding Mrs. May’s killer will take much more than a friendly wave and smile. The clock is ticking, and Arlen is determined to make an arrest before the killer strikes again.

Mrs. May Is Well and Truly Dead is the first book in the Well and Truly cozy mystery novella series. Author Sandy C. McKee weaves a homespun tale that reveals the darkness hidden by the light. Featuring a folksy ensemble cast, and lots of Southern comfort food, it’s a story as charming as Hutton Village itself…and as deadly as murder.

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