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January 29, 2021
January 31, 2021

“New England Skies — Maya Travis Mystery Series: The Complete 5-Book Collection” by Alison Ford

Her husband’s funeral was just the start.

Maya Travis – a highly accomplished Air Force Colonel, was leading an enviable, assured life — when it all comes crashing down.

Set in New England’s leafy suburbs at the start, the story finds Maya caught up in the middle of her husband’s mysterious death. In her investigative process of peeling back the layers, Maya begins to connect the dots and determines that there is an underlying plan to pin the murder on her. The clues are everywhere, but can you read them? Some of them are hidden in plain sight.

The saga recollects her days past and meaningfully weaves them with her present. Her association with the White House and its current occupant makes her vulnerable to national and international forces. To say that she feels the heat would be the perfect understatement. She must keep herself a moving target.

Each book flows into the next to reveal new dangers that Maya must overcome. Forces and foes push her to the absolute limits of human endurance: physically, mentally, and emotionally. All is not well: with Maya or indeed the country that is under attack by hidden adversaries. But, when you see how Maya meets her challenges, you will understand her bedrock of grit and resolve. Duty to country, family, and her husband’s memory is her driving force.

In these five books, come and discover how Maya will find the killer, avenge her husband’s death, protect their children, and ultimately triumph. It’s a story not only about espionage but of mystery, character, regret – and love.

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