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December 6, 2020
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December 14, 2020

Odyssey Tale” by Cody Schlegel

An exciting modern retelling of fairy tales, Odyssey Tale is a dark psychological fantasy novel filled with twists.

In this perfect mash-up of classic fairy tales and one of Greek mythology’s greatest adventures, Odyssey Tale reimagines Homer’s epic as a gritty fantasy with grown-up fairy tale characters taking on the roles of key figures.

This suspenseful fantasy novel with humorous characters introduces Peter Pan and the Lost Boys as young men in their twenties, fond of whiskey and brothels. The Jungle Book’s Mowgli is a battle-hardened warrior who doesn’t shy away from a little extracurricular drug use. And Aladdin’s Jinni attempts to amass as much wealth as possible after years of enslavement.

These characters and more can be found in this great book for people who love fairy tales, as “once upon a time” provides the framework for reimagining one man’s journey to reunite with his family and reclaim his kingdom.

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