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May 31, 2019
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June 6, 2019

“PTSD : A simple guide for Military Veterans” by James Jones

Our troops give their all in protecting our country and our ideals, it is quite sad, however, that they have to go through the horrors of combat and still have to face the after effect of these horrors in their minds dealing with PTSD.

This book helps to walk our troops and veterans through the various confusing emotions he/she might be experiencing as it breaks down the basis of this disorder. This book does not just stop at helping you identify if you are suffering from the PTSD, it goes further to give you various tips and recommendations that would help you treat the disorder effectively.

The book, however, is not only restricted to the patients of this disorder but is also recommended for the family and friends of these patients as it would help them understand what the patient is going through and be able to give the support needed.

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