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August 25, 2021
September 9, 2021

SINGLE PARENTING: A Black male’s Experience; Raising a Child from Birth” by James R. Shannon

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This is a story with many facets of parenting from the point of view almost unheard of—a view that’s somewhat surfacing all around the nation at an accelerating rate due to the vicious effects of alarming epidemics affecting the Black community, such as drugs, disease, AIDS, and few (if any) male role models in Black homes. The saga is set against a backdrop of the 1990s, filled with Gangs, Black on Black crime, suspected genocidal tactics being exercised on various communities, the extinction of young Black males, government cutbacks, discrimination, high unemployment, minority misrepresentation in politics, inequity of education, and access to basic necessities for most urban poor.

Parenting is serious business, and every positive resource counts. The author has produced this work in his effort to share his experience while raising his daughter during a decade of turmoil. It is a true story of perseverance and a hardcore wake-up call for every father in the nation, as the main lesson he has learned is: “No man is made to be a mommy, no man.”

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