The 30 Most Powerful Words in the English Language

January 31, 2021
February 3, 2021

“The 30 Most Powerful Words in the English Language” by Roger W. Davis

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If you want to change your life, change your language. Change your ideas. Change your inner thoughts. Change the words that you accept to be spoken about you. Change the words that you speak because words have power. The words we use can either drive us to greatness or reduce us to powerlessness. Using words strategically in your personal and professional life can change your trajectory. Roger W. Davis, adopted off a television show entitled A Child is Waiting, was labeled a below-average child. Yet, he stunned even his biggest critics and doubters when he became one of the youngest doctoral graduates at 29 years old. His love of the English language and his use of words have guided him to maneuver a path of continual success. Currently, he serves as the first African American President at the Community College of Beaver County in Monaca, Pennsylvania. Davis shares many of the words he uses daily to create an environment of progress, positivity, and power. The 30 Most Powerful Words offers advice, wisdom, opportunities, tools, and strategies to create, reinvent, and engineer the life you so richly deserve.

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