The Fugitive

February 16, 2021
Conquer Your Beliefs
February 19, 2021

“The Fugitive (The Border Series Book 5)” by David Griffith

The 5th book in the Border Series, this story follow Lonnie Bowers through his most challenging time yet…

Every drug cartel in Mexico wants Lonnie Bowers dead. But there’s only one assassin with the skill and patience to make a kill shot in the middle of a thousand miles of forested wilderness. Carlos Quintero is the best in Mexico, maybe the world. He doesn’t miss, and he never returns without completing a contract.

In the wild bush country, Lonnie is the master. He could comfortably survive for years, but to keep his family safe, he has to find the wealthy financier who paid nearly a quarter-million dollars to have him killed. In a quiet Yucatan enclave, Lonnie confronts an evil he’d never thought possible. The mission may change his life-but will it clear his name?

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