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September 18, 2020
October 2, 2020

The Outlaw’s Enigma” by C.A. Clemmings

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Fourteen years ago, Isabelle Bartley immigrated to New Jersey from Jamaica with her mother and drug kingpin stepfather. As soon as she could, she left that life behind. The secrets, the violence, the constant anxiety – it’s the opposite of what she wants for her future. Running a guesthouse in a secluded backwoods town brought her much-needed peace.

Then the mysterious and alluring Victoria Harper blows into town, bringing chaos in her wake. Isabelle’s older brother warns her about the dangerous beauty, but Isabelle is enchanted. She gets wrapped up in Victoria’s sordid tales and twisted family history of crime and vigilantism. When Victoria must travel to Turkey to rescue a friend and they lose contact, Isabelle chases after her.

Along the turquoise waters of the Bosporus Strait, Isabelle again plunges into a shrouded and clandestine underworld – this time to be with the woman she loves while running for her life.

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