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December 17, 2020
Deadly Suspicions
December 21, 2020

“Time Traveling Hippie Surfer” by Brian Jarvis 

First two books of the time traveling trilogy

Time Travel Is Real? For Brian, the “Time Traveling Hippie Surfer”, Time Travel is pure fact! This fantastic odyssey is narrated by the Hippie Surfer Dude riding the Cosmic Waves of Time.

The Adventures of the Time Traveling Hippie Surfer books are an entertaining mixture of imagination, real locations and experiences of Brian the Hippie Surfer who happens to Travel in Time. You will see events from his point of view. Some will have you laughing out loud; still others are a hard slap in the face by reality.

Being exposed to Nuclear Tests, Global Warming and Oceans full of floating plastic crap, definitely got Brian’s attention. He felt telling the rest of the world was the right thing to do. So he wrote these books.

These are the first two stories of a “Time Traveling Trilogy”

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