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March 12, 2019
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March 17, 2019

“Vegan Cook Book: YES-YES VEGAN: YES-YES VEGAN World Wide” by The Midnight Dream Publishing 

This book contains vegan recipes to help you with your everyday vegan journey. Veganism is a form of diet that restricts the consumption of animals and animal-based products. Deciding to become a vegan would mean a complete lifestyle change. This is more than just grocery shopping for food labeled as “vegan-safe” or “vegan friendly”. This eating regimen entails dedication, knowledge, and patience.When you go vegan, you seek to stop animal exploitation, help the environment, and promote eating only plant-based food. This book contains easy-to-follow recipes that recommend the use of fresh produce, healthy, and truly vegan. The great thing about going vegan is that your health gets a massive boost and you gradually become conscious about what you eat and put on the table for your family. With passion and dedication, you will certainly begin to experience a healthier body, mind, and soul.
Changing one’s diet is a personal choice. Becoming a fully-pledge vegan should always be backed by dedication and patience. Veganism is more than just eating fresh produce and other non-animal products and byproducts, it should also be a lifestyle and a lifelong commitment. Hopefully, this book gave you fresh ideas on the many recipes that you can prepare using only those that are allowed in the vegan diet. Recipes within would make it easier for you to start off your journey to veganism. Going vegan entails knowledge about vegan food, the right ingredients for your dishes, and commercial product labels for authentic vegan meals.

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