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August 23, 2021
August 27, 2021

“Work Vol.1: Or How To Begin Your Fitness Journey” by Alex C.

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How many times have you heard “you should start working out”? Well, you should, and with this guide you can do it now, no matter you are male or female, you go to the gym or you want to do it from your house, this guide has a program for you and it also has everything you need to know about working out! I wrote this thinking “I wish I had this when I was starting” and I made it as easy as it gets. You can track your progress and the weight you are using, every exercise has tips and tricks in order for you to perform it correctly and we are going to cover everything from warm up to how important sleep is for you. Weather you want to gain muscle or lose some weight, the programs are efficient and a lot of fun, but we also go ahead and talk about the most common mistakes, what to avoid and how to approach fitness as a lifestyle, not as an obligation. This is the first entry in a series that is going to talk about life and how you can better yours and I wanted to start with fitness because it clears your mind and it teaches you self discipline and I can assure you that this guide does not cut any corners, you will get where you want and I can’t wait to see your results, so stay tuned for the future and enjoy the present! The best part is that the book will receive updates with new programs, new advice and those who buy it now will get those for free, all you have to do is leave your email!

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