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Featured Books

“Mantis Intrigue: Mantis Saga – Book 5” by Jim Henderson 

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Ximon and the unique crew of the retired Republic scout ship Mantis continue their adventures. A while back they encountered some ancient, powerful aliens who violently want to be left alone. Now the Republic won’t leave them alone and wants more and more information out of them and won’t take “No” for an answer. Government entities scheme and pressure the crew, while the crew tries to hide a few details and make allies. Meanwhile, it’s unclear what the government will do with the information they’ve received. How will they deal with powerful aliens a hundred light years away? Can the crew make it out in one piece?

Along the way, Ximon and his crew – a female engineer with a drinking problem, Ximon’s sexy companion robot, a robot mechanic, and the intelligent and evolving ship’s computer have to work together to deal with a powerful, government bureaucracy.

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Space & Stuff” by Simon Carr


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“CORONA VIRUS: The activities guide for those facing quarantine, isolation or forced idle time: The Corona Virus Isolation Blues and Cabin Fever Busting Guide to Staying Busy” by Rick Thompson

Stuck at home because of the corona virus crisis? Beat the boredom and cabin fever by staying busy. This book has suggested activities for singles, couples and families to keep everyone busy and off each other’s nerves. Those in quarantine, in isolation, faced with travel restrictions or who have unexpected idle time will enjoy these stay-busy tips for beating the Corona Virus Isolation Blues. Each suggested activity references relevant Internet resources you can use to stay safe and keep informed. Some virus response resources were added as recently as March 25, 2020. Stay safe!

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“100 Coding Challenges for cracking Facebook, Amazon, Google Interview 2.0: Get that Job!!” by  Akshay Ravindran 

Version 2.0

What’s New?
-Added All Questions in the Book. For Easier Navigation.
-Added Solutions to all the 100 Questions with Explanation of the Algorithm and Approach.
-Structured Format of Solutions:
– Aim
– Example
– Code
– Algorithm
– Explanation

Interview coming up? Placements? Don’t know where to start?
Does everyone say to grind Leetcode? But there are 1000 of problems which daunts you!
Getting tired of working out problems that are never asked in Interview?
Wasting all that energy on a problem that will never be asked?

Here is your solution to all these questions!

100 Interview Questions
200 + References to Solving these questions
All of them have been asked in interviews

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“Sacrifices” by Alan D Jones

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“Sacrifices is the part two of Alan’s To Wrestle with Darkness trilogy. In Sacrifices, we meet Cil, Deborah, Ruth and Sarah. They are four sisters descended from the coupling of angels and humans. And as such they’ve been embodied with fantastical abilities which they use to defend the world from those who would harm it, be they flesh or spirit. In Sacrifices, they find themselves tested, as they must contest the forces of darkness who are intent on ending all of creation. If they are to prevail, there will certainly be sacrifices.”

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The King’s Tribe” by Kai Widdeson

“Perhaps… everyone knew you didn’t go too far into the forest, people went in and never came out, and of course there were the attacks. The spear that had killed my father, someone must have thrown it.

Then again, he could be something more sinister, with him sleeping next to my bed that concern is always present. Perhaps a murderer, some traitor to the colony who had fled their community leaving bodies behind him. Surely not?”

The King’s tribe is a tale of mystery, adventure, and rebellion. Forced to leave his small and isolated community, Dale is dragged into the heart of war. With those who his people have feared for generations on one side and the colony that has ruled over his community on the other, bloodshed threatens to consume everything that Dale has ever loved.

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“Your Homemade Hand Sanitizer: Learn How to Make Your Own Natural Hand Sanitizer to Kill Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria for a Healthier Lifestyle” by Ryan Jones

Business hand sanitizer is obtaining much more pricey, and with the lack of hand sanitizer due to COVID-19, you may have to resort to making your very own. Making your own hand sanitizer is a basic procedure that causes a formula you can tailor to fit your personal preferences.

The CDC suggests cleaning hands for a minimum of 20 seconds numerous times a day, but the fact of life can hinder (on the move, in a metro, train, or plane, you understand)– and that’s when a hand sanitizer is essential. While there are numerous nonalcoholic variations of hand sanitizers on the market, the CDC advises one which contains at the very least 60% alcohol for optimum effectiveness– and all of those are either sold out at regional sellers (a minimum of in Los Angeles) or going for 10-20 times their typical rate.

Some commercial hand sanitizer consists of active ingredients as frightening as the bacteria they protect you from, so why not make your very own hand sanitizer from components you pick in simply a couple of simple actions.

Right here is a preview of what you will certainly discover:

– Safety Concerns of Hand Sanitizers
– Performance of Hand Sanitizers
– Numerous Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipes
– Just How to Make Aloe Vera Gel
– Correct Hand washing technique
– Tips On Making Use Of Hand Sanitizer Better

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“Jaunts of the Mantis: Mantis Saga 1” by Jim Henderson

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When Ximon Sabo retires from the Kremniy Republic Scout Force he’s awarded a retired scout ship, the Mantis, but he has to find work to keep her flying. On missions across a dozen solar systems, Ximon and his crew make first contact with an alien species, pull off a daring rescue from a beleaguered outpost, face hostile pirates, and even face a murder mystery. The Mantis team—a female engineer with a drinking problem, a sensor operator who’s also a priest, Ximon’s sexy companion robot, and the ship’s AI computer —must work together to face challenge after challenge before they run out of money or the ship falls apart.

If you like hard sci-fi and space opera novels with a Firefly or Expanse vibe, or if you enjoy inter-galactic role-playing games such as Traveller or Starfinder, you’ll love this book. Jaunts of the Mantis will hook you with intense space action, while its rich, colorful characters, and engaging stories keep you coming back for more.

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