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Featured Books

“Financial Freedom With Real Estate: Start Making Money Today Because Everyone Else Is” by Michael Steven

If you want to stop relying on your day job and have the freedom to pursue your dreams, then keep reading…

Do you feel stuck in a miserable job, slaving away from 9 to 5 because you don’t have any other income and are scared of not having enough to get by?

Do you want to have the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with your family, travel the world, or work on your personal projects?

Are you looking for a way to increase your income and build your wealth without spending a lot of money upfront and while still keeping your day job?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you may want to consider investing in real estate as a path towards financial freedom.

According to Forbes, real estate offers the safest, steadiest and simplest way to build wealth. In fact, Andrew Carnegie once claimed that “90% of millionaires become so by investing in real estate.”

Even millennials know that real estate is a key way to build wealth, with the average millennial millionaire already owning 3 properties.

I know what you’re thinking… I don’t have millions of dollars to buy real estate! Well, you don’t have to be a millionaire to get started in real estate investing.

Many millionaires started with just a small investment and built up their portfolio from there. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger used his bodybuilding savings to invest in real estate, which eventually made him his first million. Acting didn’t make him a millionaire. Real estate did!

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“Take back your life by STOP SMOKING: Easy step-by-step guide to quit smoking forever”  by  Robert Ward

Quit smoking is easy, you’ve just to know how.
Have you decided to stop smoking but still can’t do it?
I know, it’s a common problem to all smokers.
But the real problem is that most smokers can’t stop because they don’t know how to do it.
For this reason this book was created. Inside this book you will find a guide that will explain you step by step how to quit smoking, in an easy and immediate way.

Here is a list of what you will find:
– General information on smoking
– Why it hurts
– How to quit smoking
– Practical tips for quitting smoking
– Return to health

Remember that the most important aspect is the psychological one. If you want to quit, you can do it. it’s easy, you have just to know how to do it.

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The Guardians of Erum and the Calamitous Child of Socotra” by A. Ali Hasan Ali

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Pursued by a powerful jinn master and a mysterious sect of occultists, Fada sets out across the lush and unforgiving ancient Arabian Peninsula on a quest to rescue his son.
Legend has it that the sacrifice of a calamitous child, a child born under the Serpent-Neck star, will bring about the end of the world. Born under the Serpent-Neck star himself, jinn master Behas has sought out and killed many calamitous children to avert the destruction they portend. His next target is a boy named Dileel, the newborn son of a date farmer outside the great city of Erum. However, his plans are foisted when an occultist apprentice interferes to save the boy, and in the resulting confusion, Dileel is abducted by an unknown force. Determined to rescue his son, the humble date farmer Fada must leave behind everything he knows, enlisting powerful allies and risking his life on an unforgettable journey.

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“Mary Magdalene: A Historic Novel” by Sandra Cerda

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In a world and time where women are shamefully scorned, abused and rejected, hear the story of how one came to the Lord Jesus Christ and the power that emanated throughout her life, as a result: Mary Magdalene, and how she loved Jesus.
With Scriptural accuracy and Historic balance passionate descriptions portray the legendary Mary of Magdala bringing it to life in the Book/Film Project, Mary Magdalene. One of the most significant, intriguing and mysterious figures in Christianity, Mary Magdalene was part of a movement that transformed the world. First to receive the mantle of Evangelism in the New Testament her story reveals the power of unconditional love and forgiveness, redemption, restoration and renewing of purpose in life for even the least among us. Through loving portrayals of her youth and encounters with Jesus, to the Cross and ultimately a preaching Evangelist, follow the footsteps of Mary, beloved Apostle to the Apostles and experience this human depiction of life and love in Jesus and His immeasurable mercy and grace.

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“Book of Elansia: Tale of the Hapless Child and the Forlorn God” by Curtis Hollins

On the continent of Bastion, the royal blood of a queen is being hunted. In the village of Vashire, a child plays blissfully with her friends near an ancient forest. When a group of strange figures approached in the darkness, as they moved through the bushes, the men struck down the young girl’s companions. She watched in a daze as the flames engulfed the small community until she was pulled into the bush.
In a Dungeon, deep in the Hossent Manor lives a rumor, a being that wishes to be more than he is. Imprisoned for choosing happiness over his duties, he sits in isolation while being consumed with loss as he relives the aftermath of his decision for over hundred years.
Follow the story and how it ties both their lives together in this mysterious action fantasy.

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“Please Keep Me Safe” by Glenn Stevens

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You Can’t Always Be There for Your Child.

Child abduction and sexual abuse are terrifying realities in every country. You love your child but you can’t be there all the time and it only takes a second for your family life to change forever.

In this book, best selling author Glenn Stevens, shares the Law Enforcement based principles that he teaches to children and parents. These unique skills teach children how to respond in those vital seconds, when they may be scared, in danger or alone!

With over 30 years of experience teaching children, Glenn delivers an engaging guide for parents, filled with practical lessons that are easy to understand and implement.

You and Your Child Will Learn:

  • How to be more aware of your surroundings.
  • Spot the tricks that predators use.
  • How to make emergency calls, how to describe your situation and abductors.
  • The difference between a good touch and a bad touch.
  • How to draw attention when you’re in trouble.
  • Glenn also covers physical techniques to stop street abductions and even vehicle abductions, and much more…

Let’s give our children the tools they need when they need them most. Let’s teach children so that they have the confidence to do something… ANYTHING! …when they are in trouble.

Let’s improve their chances of making it back home to you and your family.

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“My Little Journal of Big Book Ideas: A Writer’s Workbook & Journal” by TJ Robinson

Character development journal | Series tracking journal | Writer’s log and workbook

When I began writing and publishing my novels as an indie author, I looked high and low for the kind of journal that would allow me to keep track of my characters, the order of events, and storylines. I couldn’t find anything to fulfill my wish list. So, I made my own! My Little Journal is everything I always wanted in a fiction story bible.

This edition contains journaling & outline space for three books, but there are versions with space for a single book, and five books. This is a fully developed journal for authors, containing everything you need to keep track of characters, series information, and publishing information. Never lose track of your stories again!

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The Little Book That Tells Us Why We Are Here On Earth” by O. Kenny

Some people of my generation have never asked themselves why are we here on earth. I attempt to answer that question in the simplest way ,along with illustrations on almost every page. Hopefully it will help the new generations to start thinking.

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