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Featured Books

“D-Wine Stories: Wine & food, looking for a perfect love” by David Brigadunes and Mark Edwine

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Immerse yourself in the world of wine and food, through a quest to understand the secret rules behind the art and science of pairing wines with foods.
We believe that every food deserves a good wine to bring out its greatest qualities, and every wine deserves the perfect food to support its taste.
This comprehensive and detailed guide gives historical information and explains the reasons behind each of its suggestions scientifically, historically, and oenologically, while on the same time remaining full of colorful descriptions that will make your mouth water.
We strongly suggest you read it with a snack next to you, because you will get hungry!

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“The Boy in the Barn” by James Kramer

This is an autobiography of James Kramer, who is The Boy In the Barn. Growing up in the 1960’s, James was treated more like an animal than a child during a time when child abuse was not spoken of and many people looked the other way. A beautiful family on the outside, but no one knew what was going on behind closed doors. He and his siblings suffered tremendous emotional and physical abuse at the hands of a sadistic father and an absent mother. He lost his baby sister at the hands of his father and retains the horrific memories of her death. James lived in a barn for most of his childhood and learned to survive the isolation and neglect. James became a deeply spiritual person, but it was a challenging road. Throughout the years, he has had people in his life that were “bright lights at the end of his tunnel”, and he kept moving forward, pushing on. He found that forgiveness was key. James was compelled to write his story to make others aware of chronic toxic stress, domestic violence, and abuse and encourage people to avoid these relationships at all costs. He still suffers from symptoms created so many years ago. James continue to forge ahead with his life, but it was a hard road. Through may defeats, he pushed on with God’s help and what he calls a few bright lights at the end of the tunnel of darkness. He was programmed by his father and still experiences flashbacks and trauma.

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“Absolute Good Sex” by Rob and Gaia Carvell

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For us to become the ideal people envisioned by God, that is, people of ideal character, and to creates ideal families, we first need to be linked to His lineage. Only when we are linked to God’s lineage is it possible to establish the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. Without lineage, neither life nor love can endure. You strive to set a good tradition, but it will endure only through your lineage.

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“The Inbox” by Daniel Ortiz

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Twenty-three-year-old Devon Owens embarks on a journey of self-discovery. His search begins, like so many things do, online. While trying to find his own place, he receives an unexpected message from an unknown stranger. Things soon take a dark turn as messages become more sinister and he is pulled deep into a twisted, diabolical trap.

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“He’s ALL yOURs” by By Isiss Kang

He’s all yOURs is a helpful informative dry humor type of book that talks about the reality of Black/ ethnic relationships back then and today. How we are ALL poly whether we like it or not as well as the structure of the family unit in black polygamy, how and why it works. After this book you should have a clear perception of polygamy to assess whether it is really as taboo as most of the mundane society wants you to think.

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“Conquer Your Beliefs” by Suresh K. Govind

Conquering your beliefs offers a powerful means to shine your way to greatness.
Do you often wonder how a few people do seemingly impossible things while others settle for a mediocre life?
Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious where despite your best efforts, you are stuck in some areas of your life?
What if you could learn how to change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs that elevate you?
Imagine yourself being a genius living a legendary life.
Here is what you will discover in CONQUER YOUR BELIEFS:

• How your beliefs often determine the choices you make and influence your life
• Understand that we comprehend reality based on what we believe to be true
• Learn ways to identify and overcome limiting beliefs that limit the way you live
• Develop unshakable Self-belief to accomplish your dreams
• Leverage the power of principal beliefs to gain insights to transform your life
• Train your mind to become a better version of yourself
• Design a remarkable life by being true to yourself and realizing your potential
• Share your gift for a magical new beginning and shine your inner light

You deserve to live a remarkable life. Are you ready to live the life you desire?
Take the first step to conquer your beliefs and transform your life to become magical ever after.

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“SINEDIE (Tesə): the Deathkneel Complex” by Henry Marnes

A dark metafictional YA novel for readers of Hesse’s Demian and Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.

Demian Friedrich is a quirky loner who prefers to remain on the fringes of things. Yet after the mysterious deaths of his girlfriend and favorite teacher, he stumbles into a conspiracy theory and soon finds himself dead center in a secret war between two groups of descendants of an ancient civilization. Soon after, and with little explanation, both groups fight over Demian.

An introspective, coming-of-age, unprecedented story making use of multiple genres, literary influences, and fields of study, BUY IT NOW and read the first-ever book of its own kind, the anti-YA novel SINEDIE.

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“Please Keep Me Safe” by Glenn Stevens

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You Can’t Always Be There for Your Child.

Child abduction and sexual abuse are terrifying realities in every country. You love your child but you can’t be there all the time and it only takes a second for your family life to change forever.

In this book, best selling author Glenn Stevens, shares the Law Enforcement based principles that he teaches to children and parents. These unique skills teach children how to respond in those vital seconds, when they may be scared, in danger or alone!

With over 30 years of experience teaching children, Glenn delivers an engaging guide for parents, filled with practical lessons that are easy to understand and implement.

You and Your Child Will Learn:

  • How to be more aware of your surroundings.
  • Spot the tricks that predators use.
  • How to make emergency calls, how to describe your situation and abductors.
  • The difference between a good touch and a bad touch.
  • How to draw attention when you’re in trouble.
  • Glenn also covers physical techniques to stop street abductions and even vehicle abductions, and much more…

Let’s give our children the tools they need when they need them most. Let’s teach children so that they have the confidence to do something… ANYTHING! …when they are in trouble.

Let’s improve their chances of making it back home to you and your family.

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“My Little Journal of Big Book Ideas: A Writer’s Workbook & Journal” by TJ Robinson

Character development journal | Series tracking journal | Writer’s log and workbook

When I began writing and publishing my novels as an indie author, I looked high and low for the kind of journal that would allow me to keep track of my characters, the order of events, and storylines. I couldn’t find anything to fulfill my wish list. So, I made my own! My Little Journal is everything I always wanted in a fiction story bible.

This edition contains journaling & outline space for three books, but there are versions with space for a single book, and five books. This is a fully developed journal for authors, containing everything you need to keep track of characters, series information, and publishing information. Never lose track of your stories again!

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The Little Book That Tells Us Why We Are Here On Earth” by O. Kenny

Some people of my generation have never asked themselves why are we here on earth. I attempt to answer that question in the simplest way ,along with illustrations on almost every page. Hopefully it will help the new generations to start thinking.

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