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Featured Books

“Witches, Knaves & Fairy Graves” by Ron Randall

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Ever wake up floating above the fiercest lord in all of Faerie, bodiless, as he is being commanded to kill you? Kind of puts a damper on things—especially when you don’t know where the hell your body went.

Getting through a day without being attacked by Fairy assassins, mages or demons was becoming a rarity for Dalton Graham. Today was no exception. Ever since he had faced down the youngest scion of House Temil, using magical powers he never knew he possessed, things had gone from bad to worse.

His college crush’s younger sister, Kitzu, had been abducted by an ancient Fairy sorcerer, and Umi couldn’t accompany Dalt to try and rescue her, since she was now the Guardian of Kyoto, and bound to that place.

The Sensitive whose help he was relying on to identify the kidnapper was in a city whose magical adepts were being slaughtered by an unknown beast. Add in a Filipina siren with powers which were barely under control, a British mage with sticky fingers, and a witch with a demon on her string and you have all the ingredients to make Dalt’s worst day ever.

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New Year’s Day” by Robert Best


The end of the year draws closer, and the small town of Lakewood suffers a series of vicious animal attacks.

High school senior Emily Berns suspects it may be something worse. Something – or someone – close to her.

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“God’s Gift (Woman)” by Freddie Floyd Jr.

This book is about the empowerment of women in today’s world, including young girls and adult women alike. No two women are the same, nor is every situation; however, what remains the same is God’s Word and his commandment of how men should place a high value on the woman. Scripture is noticeably clear when it speaks to love a woman, to honor a woman.

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“He’s ALL yOURs” by By Isiss Kang

He’s all yOURs is a helpful informative dry humor type of book that talks about the reality of Black/ ethnic relationships back then and today. How we are ALL poly whether we like it or not as well as the structure of the family unit in black polygamy, how and why it works. After this book you should have a clear perception of polygamy to assess whether it is really as taboo as most of the mundane society wants you to think.

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“SINEDIE (Tesə): the Deathkneel Complex” by Henry Marnes

A dark metafictional YA novel for readers of Hesse’s Demian and Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.

Demian Friedrich is a quirky loner who prefers to remain on the fringes of things. Yet after the mysterious deaths of his girlfriend and favorite teacher, he stumbles into a conspiracy theory and soon finds himself dead center in a secret war between two groups of descendants of an ancient civilization. Soon after, and with little explanation, both groups fight over Demian.

An introspective, coming-of-age, unprecedented story making use of multiple genres, literary influences, and fields of study, BUY IT NOW and read the first-ever book of its own kind, the anti-YA novel SINEDIE.

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“Please Keep Me Safe” by Glenn Stevens

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You Can’t Always Be There for Your Child.

Child abduction and sexual abuse are terrifying realities in every country. You love your child but you can’t be there all the time and it only takes a second for your family life to change forever.

In this book, best selling author Glenn Stevens, shares the Law Enforcement based principles that he teaches to children and parents. These unique skills teach children how to respond in those vital seconds, when they may be scared, in danger or alone!

With over 30 years of experience teaching children, Glenn delivers an engaging guide for parents, filled with practical lessons that are easy to understand and implement.

You and Your Child Will Learn:

  • How to be more aware of your surroundings.
  • Spot the tricks that predators use.
  • How to make emergency calls, how to describe your situation and abductors.
  • The difference between a good touch and a bad touch.
  • How to draw attention when you’re in trouble.
  • Glenn also covers physical techniques to stop street abductions and even vehicle abductions, and much more…

Let’s give our children the tools they need when they need them most. Let’s teach children so that they have the confidence to do something… ANYTHING! …when they are in trouble.

Let’s improve their chances of making it back home to you and your family.

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“My Little Journal of Big Book Ideas: A Writer’s Workbook & Journal” by TJ Robinson

Character development journal | Series tracking journal | Writer’s log and workbook

When I began writing and publishing my novels as an indie author, I looked high and low for the kind of journal that would allow me to keep track of my characters, the order of events, and storylines. I couldn’t find anything to fulfill my wish list. So, I made my own! My Little Journal is everything I always wanted in a fiction story bible.

This edition contains journaling & outline space for three books, but there are versions with space for a single book, and five books. This is a fully developed journal for authors, containing everything you need to keep track of characters, series information, and publishing information. Never lose track of your stories again!

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The Little Book That Tells Us Why We Are Here On Earth” by O. Kenny

Some people of my generation have never asked themselves why are we here on earth. I attempt to answer that question in the simplest way ,along with illustrations on almost every page. Hopefully it will help the new generations to start thinking.

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