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Featured Books

“The Paris of Our Dreams: A Tale of Vice and Vindication” by Tomás Costa


He’ll have to hit rock bottom before he can hope to come back up . . .


With a world-renowned band and the freedom to live his life as he pleases—on the edge—young Eric Meirelles has it all. An endless supply of drugs, groupies, and money. What more could a rockstar want? The problem is, the Eric Meirelles he shows the world is make-believe. And when he meets the girl of his dreams, he’ll have to decide who he wants to be.

The daughter of French aristocrats, Marie Montini is beautiful, artistic, and meant for better things. Like Eric, she longs to be herself but feels compelled to play her part. Their meeting may be the stuff of magic, but Eric’s dark addictions and violent past could prove too much to bear. He has the strength to save Marie, but who can save him?

They’ll need to call on family, friends, and every connection they possibly can to build a brighter future and generate art for the ages . . .

Anxiety, self-sabotage, insomnia, and desperation: sickly proves the underside of what may seem the life of Riley. Costa here delivers darksome party scenes fiction at its best. Replete with addiction, redemption, and love, The Paris of Our Dreams achieves a stunning balance of rock ‘n’ roll excess and scintillating soul.

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“The Prophetic Matrix: Unlock The Secret Code To Your Destiny” by Michael-John Toste

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What if you could see the unlimited possibilities of your future?

The Prophetic Matrix arrives at a pivotal point in history, establishing a new truth revolution that will guide you into your destiny.

Enter The Prophetic Matrix and journey into the fast-paced world of a rising young rock star as he treks through a tour de force odyssey on a chase after fleeting stardom. The author communicates with a cyber-tech, pop culture perspective, connecting his extraordinary experiences to an illuminating discovery that dramatically alters his future forever.

Jump aboard for a spectacular ride that promises to transform you from the inside out. As you embark upon this captivating adventure, you’ll discover the keys that unlock the secret code to your destiny.

Experience The Prophetic Matrix-it’s out of this world!

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New Year’s Day” by Robert Best


The end of the year draws closer, and the small town of Lakewood suffers a series of vicious animal attacks.

High school senior Emily Berns suspects it may be something worse. Something – or someone – close to her.

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