When Vesta and Hunter Decide to be Brave

“When Vesta and Hunter Decide to be Brave” by Nora Page | Website | GoodReads | Her father named her Vesta after the Roman goddess. Will she take from her what is more than just a name? Can Vesta overcome painful truths and fall in love? Can Hunter let himself be loved? Can they both … Read more

Eve Awakening

“Eve Awakening” by Rin Taigan The Woman beings have a problem. An alien merchant race called the Vords are hunting them for their reproductive cells. Not only does this mean abductions and even death for many Woman beings, but also a decrease in their already dwindling population. While in pursuit of a Vord ship, Captain … Read more


“OVERDATE” by Daniel Kinoshita | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | We live in a time of excess. Learning how to curb our devouring appetites can mean the difference between failure and success. Everything these days is over. We smoke too much, drink too much, work too much. This is all … Read more

True Art of Poetry

“True Art of Poetry” by Hedgens Hyppolite The poems written are emotions, and experiences that a reader can connect to. Finding a way to connect our emotions by our experiences. Calm Sea’s don’t make strong sailors, it’s the storms that build our character. Reading my poems will take you on a journey to help one … Read more

Finding Lorena

“Finding Lorena” by Michael Bartos Imagine being able to jump back in time and do it all over again. Going back to live with everything you’ve learned, and knowing everything that’s happened in the world during your lifetime. That’s exactly what happens to Connor Grace, a middle-aged divorced school teacher, who is hit by a … Read more

Love Chronicles

“Love Chronicles: Silent Lies” by Cierra Wynn Davis knows he’s the bad guy, but Rachel might be too tempting to refuse… The past never seems to leave Davis alone. For now, keeping his head down and his walls up seems like the only way to survive… until she walks into his life. The one thing … Read more

After Life

“After Life (Blood and Darkness Book 5)” by Aria Storm | Twitter | Death holds no rest for the weary Demigoddess. At least I think this was death I passed through? My mother Lady Clare formerly of the Irish Vampyr Tribe came to me. My powers emerging might hold the only possible restitution to several … Read more

Broken Wedding Vows

“Broken Wedding Vows” by Frank Arcilesi Love, friendship, and humor come together in this tender romance as a high school student and a young married girl are attracted to each other in a small conservative town in the mid 1950s. Jimmy Trenton finds something fresh and beautiful in Carol Dulaney, a religious young girl who … Read more

Tailor-Made for Passion

“Tailor-Made for Passion: An Enemies to Lovers Romance” by Lillian James | Facebook | A career-focused woman, a man who’s used to getting what he wants, and a night that changes everything… All I’ve ever wanted was to get through my law degree and be the best lawyer I can be. Working for my uncle’s … Read more

Water Drumming in the Soul

“Water Drumming in the Soul: A Novel of Racy Love in the Heart of Africa” by Eric Madeen Fall under the spell …“The light, filtered through canopy, had a cathedral glow….Vines, mosses, ferns, and orchids piggybacked on plants and trees, coating trunks with a furry green. A great hornbill, bulbous beaked and rainbow-colored, flapped in … Read more